Inforad V4E

€ 50

The 4th Generation of the V’s speed camera detector: the INFORAD V4e

Equipped with the famous SiRFstarIII processor, the INFORAD V4e guarantees you an optimal reception quality!

It’s design: Small, round and light, the V4e fits in the palm of the hand. Its gray metallic color harmonizes discreetly with all dashboards. The two buttons on the upper side and a translucent facade elegantly hides the its LEDs.

The technical side: the V4e is fully compatible with previous versions:

  • no installation required ( Can hard wire the system at an extra cost ) 
  • a fast start
  • speed limiter
  • trip recorder
  • clear sounds adapted for each type of alert
  • the possibility to adjusting the sound
  • light alerts adapted for each type of alert

Small and aesthetic, the V4e combines a good design with the best technologies to give you a great user experience.

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