Cobra AK4485

€ 350   € 299

Cobra AK4485 1Wire Can-Bus Alarm system: The Cobra can-bus alarm systems are designed to fit vehicles which have a CAN system. This means that the alarm is integrated perfectly without the risk of interfering with the vehicles electronics.Thanks to the MORPHEUS software used by Cobra, each alarm is programmed to fit into most vehicles with a CAN system. So what is CAN-BUS exactly?CAN is a serial bus protocol that enables you to connect after market systems. It allows componenets to communicate on a single or dual-wire networked data bus. Car manufactures started using CAN-BUS to reduce the ammount of wires used in a car.This started phasing out the convential multi wire looms.For the first time, each of the vehicles systems and sensors were able to communicate at very high speeds (25kbps – 1Mbps) on a single or dual-wire communication line. However, the introduction of CAN Bus also increased the vehicles complexity and made after market installations even more difficult. That is why Cobra have the perfect CAN solutions for your CAN-BUS vehicle!

  •  Low Speed Can Bus  ( 1 Wire )
  • Engine immobilizer
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Loudspeaker
  • Remote Control (could be connected to the factory c.locking as a backup remote)
  • High Power backup battery Siren
  • Extra remote control given by Cobra to connect to factory central locking

  Price include installation 

  • 7 Year Warranty on Installation
  • 2 Year Warranty on Parts

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