Pioneer TS-ME100WC

€ 169

10″ Marine Component Subwoofer with 900 Watts Max and Classic Grille Design

Pioneer ME-series subwoofers are protected from the effects of sun and water exposure, meeting both IPX7 and ASTM D4329 certification to achieve all-weather reliability. Mica Reinforced IMPP monocoque cone with butyl rubber surround, constructed using an advanced in-mold bonding technique for superior water resistance while maintaining high quality, powerful sound. The symmetrical motor design with high strenth suspension is optimized to provide stability, linearity and clear, low distortion sound reproduction. Lightweight polymide (PI) tweeter diaphragm and uniquely shaped wave guide provides natural and clear vocals with wide dispersion. The TS-ME100WC comes in a classic, contemporary grille that cosmetically integrates seamlessly into marine interiors and cabin designs.


  • 300 Watts Nominal Power
  • IPX7 Certified
  • Rated ASTM D4329 for UV Exposure
  • Mica Reinforced IMPP Monocoque Cone
  • Classic White Grille

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