OVO5 is a 5.25″ two-way loudspeaker and without doubt the best value for money design cabinet loudspeaker. Budget and quality sound are united in this elegant low-impedance speaker. 8 Ohms, 80W


OVO5T is design two-way 100 volt or low impedance cabinet loudspeaker that can be used for background music and paging purposes both indoor and (covered) outdoor. This speaker produces 80 watts @ 16 ohms or when used in 100 volt you can select 30 – 15 – 6 – 3 watts with the easy accessible selection switch at the back.


Compact 4.25″ indoor/outdoor, installation speakers


6.5″ design Indoor/Outdoor cabinet loudspeaker, 8ohm/150watt, wall bracket and safety chain included. Available in White & Black. Priced EACH


MASK6T loudspeakers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The grill is made of aluminium and the woofer has been coated.


OVO8 is an 8″ 160W , 8 OHM powerful low impedance two-way cabinet loudspeaker. This high quality cabinet loudspeaker gives you a deep bass for a groovy sound. This powerful but compact speaker is easy to integrate in any large room, whatever the interior style may be.


OVO8T is an 8″ two-way, 16 OH, 160W loudspeaker and is probably the most powerful and affordable 100 volt design loudspeaker on the market. Deep sound makes the OVO8 suited for both music and speech applications.