Philips Hue E14 Candle White ambiance

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Philips Hue E14 Candle White ambiance

Add a Philips Hue white ambiance candle to your system and enhance your home with shades of white lights. With a range from warm white to cool daylight, this bulb helps you to wake up, relax, read, concentrate or energise.


Main Features:

• Wake up and go to sleep naturally
• Create your ambience with warm white to cool daylight
• Relax, read, concentrate and energise with light recipes
• Smart control, home and away
• Set timers for your convenience
• Installation-free dimming
• Control it your way
• Requires a Philips Hue bridge
• Wirelessly controllable LED bulb
• Dimmable only with Philips Hue-compatible devices

The bulb

• Fitting: E14
• Form factor: B39
• Lifetime: 25,000 hour(s)
• Colour temperature: 2200 – 6500 K
• Wattage: 6 W
• Input voltage: 220 V-240 V
• Light output: All shades of white
• Software upgradable: when connected to Hue
• Height: 39 mm
• Width: 117 mm
• Max. operation power: 6 W
• Max. standby power: 0.1 W


Set the right ambience for any moment with a range of beautiful, natural white light. Use the app to set any shade of white light, from cool energizing daylight to relaxing warm white light. Take control and set the ambiance. Not too bright. Not too dark. Just right.
Skip your morning coffee and get ready for the day with cool, bright white daylight that helps to energize your body and mind. Perfect for those moments when you need a kickstart or when your batteries are running low.
Lose yourself in your favorite novels for hours on end with Philips Hue. It gives you the right white light for a perfect read.
Put your feet up and relax with a soft glow of white light for the perfect end of the day. Relaxing white light will help you to unwind in the evening and sleep better at night.
Ease your sleeping routine and wake up gently for a fresh start of each day. Philips Hue will help get you out of bed in a nice way. The gradually increasing light intensity gives you the feeling you are waking up naturally with sunlight – rather than the rude awakening of an alarm ringing.
Stay focussed with finely tuned bright white light. The best way to get things done quickly and efficiently without distractions, no matter if you’re studying for an exam, working from home, or picking an outfit to look your best.

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