Pioneer DEH-S100UB

€ 119   € 99

The DEH-S100UB lets you enjoy your favourite music from FM radio stations, CDs, Android smartphones, USB devices or via an Aux-In

This easy to use car stereo plays your tracks at 4 x 50W of pure, proven MOSFET power. If that is not enough, you can always use the RCA pre-out to hook up another stereo component, like a subwoofer or an extra amplifier for the front and rear.

This car stereo has an outstanding black and white illuminated LCD display with bright red illuminated keys.


  • Power Save Mode
  • CD/MP3/WMA audio Player
  • Front AUX input
  • Front USB input
  • FLAC: enjoy FLAC lossless digital audio files in your vehicle with playback output at CD quality, without the need to convert
  • Android compatible


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