i Simple Tranzit Blu HF

€ 139


With the Universal TranzIt BLU HF — using Bluetooth technology and your Smartphone’s Voice Recognition application (Siri or Google Now) you can initiate hands-free calling, launch navigation, music streaming or any other application. This device is installed behind the dash and is compatible with any car.


  • Hands Free Calling: Place and answer calls hands free.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Connect your phone wirelessly to your car.
  • Voice Control: Control phone functions using your voice.
  • Hear Your Navigation:Find your destination with your phone’s navigation using voice controls. Hear turn-by-turn instruction.
  • Messaging: Send and receive text messages without reading or typing. You dont need to touch or look at your phone.
  • Your Music: Play your music or internet radio through your car’s stereo system.

*Installation Charges Starting from €70
*Extra antenna converters may be used on most vehicles!


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