The Polk BOOM Bit is the world’s first truly wearable Bluetooth speaker that clips securely to your clothing and seamlessly integrates with how you move


This MINIKIT Neo 2 HD edition is compatible with HD Voice. Up to 10 hours of conversation, Includes multipoint (connects 2 phones at the same time). Available in 4 colours


Sena 3S bluetooth 3.0 to deliver outstanding incoming and outgoing audio performance for music, phone calls, GPS directions, and intercom conversations with riding companions up to 200 meters


Bluetooth hands-free car kit with 3-key remote control and battery charging function for your mobile telephone. Includes audio playback via A2DP & AUX input

€ 115   € 99

The SMH5 series provides two-way intercom functionality that keeps you connected to your riding companion for conversations and music sharing through the crystal-clear Bluetooth® stereo headset.


Bluetooth handsfree system for any vehicle with Voice control & Music streaming through the sound system of your car.


Full HD light weight Action Camera for Motorcycle helmets


Bury Bluetooth hands-free device with touchscreen display and battery charge function for your mobile telephone.


Bluetooth Handsfree system with Display & Voice recognition.
Includes USB/IPOD/AUX inputs for playing music


Bluetooth Handsfree system with Colour Display & Voice recognition.
Includes USB/IPOD/AUX inputs for playing music


The Sena 10S Motorcycle Bluetooth® Communication System maximizes the enjoyment factor of your ride by keeping you in touch with up to four riding companions via crystal-clear HD audio, up to 1.6 km. Includes FM radio


The Sena 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth System keeps you in touch with up to eight people in crystal-clear HD audio.Includes FM radio, Music streaming, Handsfree calling & Voice Recognition